Yield Curve Today

The curve is rising again, with nominal maturities dropping.  A risk ‘OFF’ alignment and if this keeps up and one day becomes a trend, it’ll be pleasurable for gold. Indeed, much of what is happening between inflation, deflation and other asset markets on a global scale is good for gold and better for the miners.  A couple macro funda’s have been holdouts, with the yield … Continue reading Yield Curve Today

SPY Gap Closed

So if you are a bull, you are buying here… right?  Are you a bull? I ask that seriously, because I myself am not sure at the moment what I am.  I guess that makes me neutral for now.  One thing I don’t like is that all this gappy volatility since October is indicative of an overly emotional market; a schizoid market subject to Jawbones, … Continue reading SPY Gap Closed