Silly Season?

For a day at least, several items I have been holding, trading and noting in NFTRH as seasonal plays are getting peppy, even with the Russell 2000 in the red.  These are mostly risky stocks that I hold as speculations and no recommendations are implied whatsoever.  They are a good view into silly season though.

OMED is boinking the SMA 200.  It’s a highly speculative specialty bio.


SIMO tested my patience but ultimately held the SMA 50 and is making an interesting pattern.  A quality semiconductor company.


DARA held the MA 50, which was the key parameter and is getting itself pumped today.  Massively speculative.


SGI and CTRL, which I sold for profits are each doing well.  Now it would not be fair if I didn’t mention DAKT, which is going the other way today. There were a couple other clunkers over the last few weeks as well.  But the market is an on balance proposition and on balance things are going well and to plan.  And that’s not even the gold stocks, which are positive again.  Hmmm…