Market Sentiment Update

NFTRH 322 got sidetracked into some in-depth economy stuff, starting with the Semiconductor sector and fanning out into capital equipment sales, large bank loans , consumers and the whole ball of wax.

Hence, sentiment was not a priority since time was of the essence and markets are still in the process of resetting again, pinging along through time and space from manic over bullish to its opposite and back again.

So here is a sentiment update for you.  For related content, see Seasonal; Santa & Beyond over at Biiwii.

From, we see where dumb money became dangerously over bullish in early December.


Over bullish indicators became extreme and dropped hard to set the table for Santa.  Curiously, Optimism and Pessimism indicators declined together to end last week.  This and the Smart/Dumb graph indicate a sentiment middle ground, currently.


Here is a look at ‘out of favor’ to ‘in favor’ sectors.  Not coincidentally, the Biotechs are one of NFTRH’s two technically intact “Momentum Leaders” that we have been tracking for months now.  On the other side of the spectrum, contrarians should be pleased to see the gold stocks so lowly.  But this is just a sentiment update, having nothing to do with macro funda, which is also very important.


Here is the ranking of individual countries.


Crude Oil is utterly despised by the public (OPTIX).


As is ‘commodity currency’ the Canadian dollar.


I thought it was interesting that the over bullishness on USD dropped, yet Uncle Buck popped to new highs last week.


There is obviously a much larger spectrum of assets and associated sentiment profiles.  But the above gives a general snapshot on some of them.

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