Yield Curve Today

It’s in a risk ‘OFF’ alignment with all durations dropping but the curve rising.   Meanwhile, here’s the chart of the 30 vs. the 5 year spread.  Obviously risk is in a downtrend bigger picture, but it is a little bouncy today… While other indicators are positive for the gold sector, this one – along with the very bullish stock market – has been a … Continue reading Yield Curve Today

Gold vs. Oil

First let’s preface by stating that I have a dislike for gold sector pom pom wavers as evidenced by this post at Biiwii:  Huey, Dewey & Louie. Second, let’s ask what kind of sense it makes to hammer gold mining operations because oil is going down.  Gold is exploding higher in relation to the thing that fuels all that heavy equipment at the mines. I … Continue reading Gold vs. Oil