‘Euphoria Has Set in’

From Mark Hulbert @ MarketWatch… Euphoria has set in, and investors will be in for a rude awakening Here is the graphic (Hulbert Stock Newsletter Index) from the article… While we’re at it, here is the latest Investors Intelligence data, which is probably popping nicely after today’s festivities… We of course add these to observable evidence of unhealthy market internals like over bullish AAII, fading … Continue reading ‘Euphoria Has Set in’

GSR & USD Diverge on Draghi

Mario just popped up from the upper left corner of the Whack-a-Mole table top and hammered the Euro* (see Biiwii commentary here), logically sending USD upward.  But the gold-silver ratio is non-confirming, and thus per yesterday’s post we are still going with the potential of an asset rally that could include other items besides stocks.  As long as silver out performs gold… * Even as … Continue reading GSR & USD Diverge on Draghi