Of course the market is partying today

Market sentiment was reset perfectly by Omicron & taper fears Just so you, dear public reader, know, NFTRH was well prepared for the sentiment gymnastics associated with the coming of Omicron (in combo with Fed taper hysterics) and with the oh so not surprising relief from the Omicron dud. Perspective on the sentiment event in play has been provided routinely over the last few weeks. … Continue reading Of course the market is partying today

FOMOs gonna FOMO

‘Fear of missing out’ on market gains continues among the usual suspects, with a notable exception On October 14 we noted the environment whereby the FOMOs could utter a collective “ruh roh!”, realize they got played out of the market during the September sentiment squall and then start to chase. Well, newsletter writers had not budged as of the 19th (last Tuesday). Investors Intelligence from … Continue reading FOMOs gonna FOMO