Take SIMO Profit for Same General Reason as AAPL

So many stock prices were so beaten down, in the short-term there was nowhere left to go but up. That’s what bounce buying is I guess. SIMO was added around about the Christmas Eve masscre, when I did a chunk of my bounce buying. I’ll take the 16% given a modest beat of expectations and… As we have noted in NFTRH, Silicon Motion actually benefits … Continue reading Take SIMO Profit for Same General Reason as AAPL

Gimme SIMO dat Volatility!

Man, they don’t make it easy. Per yesterday’s real-time NFTRH Trade Log: Buy SIMO on pullback toward SMA 50. Reason being said pullback within a daily uptrend, potential for Ascending Triangle breakout and especially, soft demand for NAND Flash (may discuss more in NFTRH 511, as a low priority segment). The thing beat on earnings, disappointed a bit on revenues and this morning gets absolutely … Continue reading Gimme SIMO dat Volatility!

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NFTRH+; a Semi Company on a Technical Buy Setup

This update is for anyone who has an interest in Silicon Motion, a Taiwan-based semi company that has often appeared in my holdings.  It sits there now.  At the last earnings release SIMO’s momentum had been lagging due to tightening supplies of NAND chips.  Guidance was reduced as a result.  More recently, the company guides at the higher end of the previously guided range.  Do … Continue reading NFTRH+; a Semi Company on a Technical Buy Setup

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We have been watching the Semiconductor index re-take some of its past leadership in the broad US market.  Hence, some favored Semi stocks are back on radar, for the short-term at least. Silicon Motion (SIMO) is in a short-term bottoming pattern with clear parameters.  This quality company was sold down hard on a combo of a weak Semi index and also China/Asia market problems (Silicon … Continue reading NFTRH+; SIMO


NFTRH has been talking about a ‘trade the swings’ mentality on the US stock market since probably last September or so.  The swings have been routine, if very pronounced.  So I am not an investor in the US stock market, although certain items have been traded personally and highlighted as NFTRH+ setups along the way.  These are items with good technical setups. A couple of … Continue reading NFTRH+; SIMO & GILD

A Cup of SIMO

I am not going to pretend to be a great trader.  Sometimes I do very well and other times, not so much.  Then are times like with Silicon Motion, a stock I have had several good trades on, where most recently I did well in identifying a pattern (as an NFTRH+ highlight in NFTRH 334) and then sold wrong.  I took a modest profit due … Continue reading A Cup of SIMO