NFTRH has been talking about a ‘trade the swings’ mentality on the US stock market since probably last September or so.  The swings have been routine, if very pronounced.  So I am not an investor in the US stock market, although certain items have been traded personally and highlighted as NFTRH+ setups along the way.  These are items with good technical setups.

A couple of them were Silicon Motion (SIMO), a quality semiconductor company and Gilead (GILD), a premier biotech company.  It is no coincidence that these are each from sectors that NFTRH has kept front and center for market leadership indications.

SIMO was most recently highlighted in NFTRH 334 back on March 15 as ‘A Cup of SIMO’, while it was still forming the Handle (I like to make sure subscribers have a ‘look ahead’ in place, when possible).  It is approaching, but not yet to its target in the high 30’s.


GILD was highlighted in March before the break of the trend line and moving averages (again, looking ahead to a would-be break).  It was an ‘if/then’ update for those interested, should the buy signal generate.  It did.  Target is 120+.


NFTRH+ is not the meat of the NFTRH service, and I don’t want it to be that.  NFTRH is about so much more than trading, which I equate to a slightly less crude form of gambling.  To me day trading is pure gambling and swing trading of fundamentally sound items with technical setups, somewhat less so.

Indeed, when markets grind out their trend changes, possibly over the next year, my personal preference will be to lock and load brand new trends and mostly hold a new cycle.  We’ll still do NFTRH+, however.

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