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NFTRH+ Trade Setup; GILD & Biotech Sector

This ‘+’ update is being sent to the entire list because it has macro market elements in it pertaining to the Biotech sector and its leadership vs. Nasdaq 100. The daily chart of GILD is pretty cut and dry.  A rise above the 200 day moving average would break it above the short-term consolidation/downtrend and the pattern would measure to around 124. Here is the … Continue reading NFTRH+ Trade Setup; GILD & Biotech Sector


NFTRH has been talking about a ‘trade the swings’ mentality on the US stock market since probably last September or so.  The swings have been routine, if very pronounced.  So I am not an investor in the US stock market, although certain items have been traded personally and highlighted as NFTRH+ setups along the way.  These are items with good technical setups. A couple of … Continue reading NFTRH+; SIMO & GILD