May Payrolls… Ruh Roh, +75K

You can get the full BLS report by clicking the graphic… Here is the monthly breakdown. As usual for the Good Ship Lollypop’s consumerist economy (hey wait a minute, wasn’t the trade war supposed to help the miner, the manufacturer and the other down trodden areas?) sails on relative to the productive economy. Professional and Business services, Education and Health services, Leisure and Hospitality services. … Continue reading May Payrolls… Ruh Roh, +75K

May Payrolls +138k

Once again the Good Ship Lollypop floats on the back of its Services sectors. Except that in May the ship listed a bit at only 138,000 jobs created. It’s backward looking data that I am sure the mainstream will make a big deal about, but suffice it to say it reflects an okay economy that could be subject to being not okay (per some of … Continue reading May Payrolls +138k

Jobs +38k, USD Sinks

Well, talk about crosscurrents.  Job growth really took a hit.  The services stuff is still creating the jobs but the whole lagging mess dropped off in May (with unemployment actually dropping some more). So May’s employment situation continues April’s deceleration.  You are free to view things as you will, but I for one am going to keep the Semi equipment sector in view.  We could … Continue reading Jobs +38k, USD Sinks