Read more about the article May Payrolls… Ruh Roh, +75K

May Payrolls… Ruh Roh, +75K

You can get the full BLS report by clicking the graphic... Here is the monthly breakdown. As usual for the Good Ship Lollypop's consumerist economy (hey wait a minute, wasn't…

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Read more about the article May Payrolls +138k

May Payrolls +138k

Once again the Good Ship Lollypop floats on the back of its Services sectors. Except that in May the ship listed a bit at only 138,000 jobs created. It's backward…

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Jobs +38k, USD Sinks

Well, talk about crosscurrents.  Job growth really took a hit.  The services stuff is still creating the jobs but the whole lagging mess dropped off in May (with unemployment actually…

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