Mid-Week Market Internals

Random internal views for a Wednesday morning. Putting pictures to what is normally a color coded written NFTRH segment in order to save space within reports that are routinely over 60 pages. Here was the view as of last weekend. Moving on to today, the 2yr yield has stabilized and the 10-2yr curve is still steepening on the short-term. The reflation trade lives, if lamely. … Continue reading Mid-Week Market Internals

Some Key Market Internals…

If I put some of the ‘internals’ items covered routinely in weekend reports here for public consumption once in a while subscribers can still easily reference them as well. This allows me to shorten the Market Internals segment, leaving more room for market strategy type stuff in the report. And with yield dynamics and USD in play, it’s time to increase the strategy stuff, whether … Continue reading Some Key Market Internals…

A Few Charts From NFTRH’s ‘Market Internals’ Segment

A few random charts from a segment that is probably not as sexy as some others (okay, you got me… there is nothing sexy in NFTRH because nerds are not sexy)… Leading off with the mature gentlemen in ascots and smoking jackets with the typical Dow Theorist calling out to Mable in kitchen… “Darling, would you mind greatly holding the Beef Wellington for a short … Continue reading A Few Charts From NFTRH’s ‘Market Internals’ Segment

Random Charts From NFTRH’s ‘Market Internals’ Segment

Participation from the S&P 500’s ‘equal weight’ components is thinning out markedly after putting on a mini-surge in June. That is in line with what is going on in Tech, with the FANG doing the heavy lifting, but now AMZN and GOOGL testing their upside channel breakouts. We had plotted a new high in IHI/SPY back in Q4 2016, and fell short by .001. Will … Continue reading Random Charts From NFTRH’s ‘Market Internals’ Segment

vs. SPY

An update of various sectors ‘.vs SPY’ by daily and weekly views… On the daily view Financials hold the break above the moving averages, Energy is in Palookaville, Healthcare continues to look good (we’ve been noting its relative constructiveness for many weeks in NFTRH), ditto for Industrials, and the Consumer items are sideways. On the weekly view Financials have held support during the declining interest … Continue reading vs. SPY