Payrolls +428,000

April Payrolls increase by 428,000 You can get all the details of yet another strong BLS report by clicking the blurb: Drilling into it we find Leisure and Hospitality leading the consumerist ‘services’ economy as usual. But look who’s also strong. That would be manufacturing, which is growing as noted in yesterday’s post, albeit at a slowing rate. That’s pretty good. But a 12 month … Continue reading Payrolls +428,000

Payrolls +230k, a ‘disappointment’

November Payrolls +230,000 vs. 573,000 estimate Of course, it’s all about the Fed, eh? With a side order of Omicron. Click the graphic below, get the report from BLS that is a ‘disappointment’ vs. estimates. In a policy-driven market bad news is good news, down is up and it’s all normal in the rabbit hole. Here is the industry breakdown with an interesting views of … Continue reading Payrolls +230k, a ‘disappointment’

Jobs +38k, USD Sinks

Well, talk about crosscurrents.  Job growth really took a hit.  The services stuff is still creating the jobs but the whole lagging mess dropped off in May (with unemployment actually dropping some more). So May’s employment situation continues April’s deceleration.  You are free to view things as you will, but I for one am going to keep the Semi equipment sector in view.  We could … Continue reading Jobs +38k, USD Sinks