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NFTRH+; Not bearish

As we ping back and forth between the summer cool down (w/ potential liquidation) and the view of a resumption of the inflation trades I want to make a point…

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Dow “Death Cross!!”… Case Closed

Over the years I've harped on about this. The media tout "DEATH CROSS" in fearsome headlines and then voila, a hard bounce happens to punish anyone who knee-jerked in response…

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NFTRH; US Stock Market Technical Situation

Yesterday’s hard reversal of Tuesday’s bullish move was an unpleasant development for the bulls but this morning, plucky as ever, they are back at it trying to bull the market again (SPX +13.50, NDX +27.50, Dow +87).

Recall that we were using the EMA 20s (orange dotted line on SPX and blue lines on NDX and Dow) as a key for the short-term.  On Tuesday SPX and Dow popped above the EMA 20 but the NDX stopped right at it.  NDX is a leader.


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Market Update

Amidst an economic backdrop in the US that continues to very gently decelerate, we have a celebration of what was perceived by the market as a dovish Fed. Anxiety had…

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NFTRH; Multi-Market Update

Well, here came the short covering rally in the precious metals.  By calling it that I don’t mean that it cannot turn into something more, but today was most assuredly driven by short covering as the US dollar unwound some of its speculative sponsorship.  One can assume that large speculators took it on the chin on both ends, in the USD and in gold/silver as the Commercial traders had been aligned increasingly bearish and bullish, respectively.


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A brief update on the headline US markets, namely the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100.

Beginning with the latter, we note that Mark Hulbert’s Nasdaq newsletter writer sentiment data shows a very bearish sentiment profile, which is contrarian bullish.


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