Attack of the Giant Squid

Not unrelated to the previous post about long-term interest rates, I added the Vampire Squid yesterday per the NFTRH Trade Log. I did so after getting a sneaking feeling about yields still being in bounce mode and considering the banks and financials. Instead I settled on GS and its decent chart pattern, which then pleased the market today. What’s more, I think it has a … Continue reading Attack of the Giant Squid

Goldman Sachs: Fried Calamari

[edit2] Added back again in pre-market on 10.18 as interest rate balancing play. Day to day in this market. [edit] I forgot to mention that I’d held it pending interest rates, sold it on yesterday’s pop and then felt a little remorseful when it popped this morning. Not so sad anymore. The squid has been cleaned, sliced and fried into a nice Calamari this morning … Continue reading Goldman Sachs: Fried Calamari

Profits Taken on the Squid & What’s in My Wallet

Well, it’s becoming epidemic today; taking profits and limiting losses. It must mean I want to have a lot of cash and a lot of comfort while contemplating whether or not to try to actively short this market in the days or weeks ahead. I held Goldman and Capital One for their opposing interest rate dynamic to some Healthcare related items I still hold (IBB … Continue reading Profits Taken on the Squid & What’s in My Wallet

nftrh plus

Looking Ahead: Banks & Financials Potential Bear Setup

This update will assume anyone interested in the trade also believes that long-term interest rates are going to decline near-term, despite overwhelming popular opinion to the contrary.  I am one of those believers, but not to the degree where I’d stake my life or my portfolio on it.  Much like my long position in Treasury bond fund TLT, this idea is in line with a … Continue reading Looking Ahead: Banks & Financials Potential Bear Setup

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Goldman: Buy LRCX! (Public Post)

Goldman likes itself some Lam.  Here’s the upgrade… How dare some little website representing a mom & pop (just pop, actually) analytical service cast itself beside the great Vampire Squid?  Well, the little mom & pop service also nailed the Squid’s big rally ahead of time after nailing LRCX back in June. On the latter, we noted a measured upside target of 106 for LRCX … Continue reading Goldman: Buy LRCX! (Public Post)

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NFTRH+; Revenge of the Giant Squid

A look ahead of sorts on Goldman Sachs, which has broken above resistance. GS was a bearish highlight nearly a year ago due to it’s H&S top and loss of the weekly EMA 70.  This week, in definitively breaking above the old neckline resistance (pending today’s trading), it is a bullish one.  A sort of reverse of the BSX situation, which had been a bullish … Continue reading NFTRH+; Revenge of the Giant Squid

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A Squid or a Bear? (Public Post)

It’s both, the famous Vampire Squid… and a bearish chart.  GS is a former NFTRH+ long idea in anticipation of the last big market bounce, but this week was included in NFTRH 377 as a bearish idea among several individual stock charts reviewed for subscribers.  This one was a bearish looking potential H&S.  But now, if it stays below the neckline on the week it will be … Continue reading A Squid or a Bear? (Public Post)