“Earnings Apocalypse not yet realized” (yes, we know)

The mainstream financial media advises that earnings are still okay The earnings apocalypse has not yet materialized From NFTRH 727… In support of this case [edit: a developing NFTRH market view for Q4 that is not expected by a majority], as Wall Street analysts busily adjust their earnings projections downward (I confirmed the downward projections by reading a recent report on the current earnings season … Continue reading “Earnings Apocalypse not yet realized” (yes, we know)

USD & Earnings

From FactSet, here is a graphic compiling data from the initial earnings reports from S&P 500 companies so far for Q1.  At 70%, the US dollar’s strength is far and away the biggest determinant in earnings blips in an admittedly small sample size so far. What factors will S&P 500 companies cite as negative impacts on Q1 Earnings and Sales? This is exactly as forecast … Continue reading USD & Earnings