NFTRH+; if you would short…

The title of the update references ‘if’ you would short, because even if the market is going bearish, cash is position. Working against the short/bearish view is contrary bullish sentiment (over-bearish), the fact that an alarming news event is driving some of it and the simple fact that historically at least (last 3 instances), stocks don’t top into real bear markets until many months after … Continue reading NFTRH+; if you would short…

The Distinguished Gentleman of US Indexes

I have an ongoing gag (to keep myself, if no one else, entertained) where the distinguished Clark Gable is inserted into commentary about the old fashioned indexes known as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Dow Jones Transportation Average. He celebrates good weeks at Happy Hour and drowns his sorrows at bad weeks just the same. The joke started when I just could not … Continue reading The Distinguished Gentleman of US Indexes

US Index Status

The leader, NDX, is filling its gap and pretty much at target today. The follower, SPX, is approaching target (and a gap fill). And Jerome Powell’s 60 Minutes megaphone clowned my little H&S scenario on the Dow. It’s okay though, Jerome is making me money, really funny munny. I don’t really have a target on this pig, as I watch the two above more closely. … Continue reading US Index Status

NFTRH; Gold, Silver, HUI & US Stock Market

NFTRH 591’s Opening Notes segment detailed an intact but at risk stock market and a bullish gold miner view, concluding with this… “The nearer-term pictures will likely include a lot of volatility violence in both broad stocks and the miners.” “Volatility violence” has shown up on cue. It is rattling and it brings opportunity. Personally, the opportunity it has brought me this week was to … Continue reading NFTRH; Gold, Silver, HUI & US Stock Market

US Indexes Filling Gaps (30 min. Charts)

This morning’s little hype fest is being closed out. Bears may be getting excited by the in-day reversal. But they should realize that the gap is being closed within what is still a short-term uptrend. Lose 3075 (SPX) and then maybe we can start to talk bull trap. Maybe. DJIA would have further to drop to fill the gap. NDX is just about there. The … Continue reading US Indexes Filling Gaps (30 min. Charts)