Semi b2b Jumps to 1.08, and it’s Deceiving

The Semi equipment book-to-bill ratio jumped all the way to 1.08!  Can you believe that?  Well unfortunately, what matters is nominal bookings and billings.  Bookings eased a bit from December’s bump up and billings dropped harder.  In other words, the b2b was driven by Thing 1 dropping less than Thing 2.  So it is not at all positive, but could have been worse had bookings … Continue reading Semi b2b Jumps to 1.08, and it’s Deceiving

Semiconductor b2b

Just one small segment of conventional analysis NFTRH 331 found itself doing… Semiconductor Sector Folks, it is b2b (book-to-bill) time again and the reading for January came in at 1.03, which represents growth from the December reading. But the b2b bears discussion. Last month we noted that the lower number (.99) was really not bad because it was the product of ramped up billings, while … Continue reading Semiconductor b2b