Jobs +266K, Yields Pull Back

All in the service to playing a game of ‘Hide the [inflationary] Cheese’… April’s expected hiring boom goes bust as nonfarm payroll gain falls well short of estimates Here’s the release from BLS, which you can get by clicking the headline. I had felt that the underside of the 2.5% – 2.8% caution zone on the Continuum would bring some kind of halt to yields … Continue reading Jobs +266K, Yields Pull Back

Payrolls +196k, A Goldilocks Report

The headline says it all (tap for the MarketWatch story)… Full report here at BLS… And here is the graphical breakdown. The last few NFTRH reports have included the word “Goldilocks” a fair amount of times. The signaling in the March Payrolls data, with booming Education & Health services, Professional & Business services, Leisure & Hospitality services and negative Manufacturing is… obnoxiously enough, the Goldilocks … Continue reading Payrolls +196k, A Goldilocks Report