Planet Cathie

Cathie Wood is smarter than me

The way she looks down from on high into the camera’s lens makes me feel small. Makes me feel insignificant. Makes me feel like a student, lucky enough to receive her thoughts and visions from above.

“The No. 1 question on our website as we track these questions is: Why can’t we buy your strategies in Europe?” the tech investor told CNBC’s “ETF Edge” this week.

A further question might be ‘why would we want to buy your strategies in Europe or anywhere else for that matter?’ You can click the image above view these questions and other compelling matters of high minded investing.

The strategy buys great companies or at least great ideas for progressive industries and pays a super heavy premium for them. We get it, a quality company with great growth prospects is worth more than JC Penny or Sears, for example. Every time I’ve bought a richly valued but high quality growth company I’ve done it with the knowledge that it is over valued and it’s probably just a trade.

Even with this deflation * in the stock price many of ARK’s holdings are richly valued; and in a certain type of overall macro market valuations will be addressed, regardless of company quality. But much like the average CFA, I suppose Ms. Wood is a long horizon investor and she thinks you should be too. Again, cast your gaze above and do what you’re told!

ark innovation (aark)

It’s another manifestation of the Society of the Spectacle as a central authority (authority figure Cathie, in this case) issues the slogans and we, the great unwashed in society, get in line and follow.

society of the spectacle

Why, have you heard about this whiz bang new thingamajig called AI? Who’s in? You in? Get in! The train is leaving the station (after the dive bomber on the chart above already released its ordinance upon the 2020-2021 herd).

cathie wood

* Cathie Wood’s frequent calls for deflation in the macro markets gives me a little pause on my own interim deflationary view, as does this article in the WSJ (subscriber only, but the theme is tight Fed policy leading to deflation), simply because it appears in the most widely known financial market media source.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nothing makes you 2nd guess your own views like seeing them align with Cathie Woods. Thanks for the insight, as always!

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