Checking in on the Canadian TSX-V

Canadian TSX-V is holding support

Note: this is Friday’s close. Da ‘V’ is not trading today due to Canadian holiday.

The Canadian TSX-V is holding the 50 and 200 day moving averages and an important support level as it moves sideways, deciding whether or not there will continue to be an inflation and/or anti-USD trade in play. This is the speculative end of the commodity/resources related markets and so if it holds up and eventually participates, it would be a positive sign for such trades. As yet it has been selective and rotational within the different commodity areas.

canadian tsx-v

The weekly chart shows how important the noted support in the 600 area is. Personally, I am not giving up on the prospect of a continued move in commodity related items until this market and certain other indicators give the signal.

canadian tsx-v

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