NFTRH+; Another Thing to Keep an Eye On [w/ edit]

Just as we are aware that a USD bounce would probably rattle the markets, let’s also be aware of the fact that commodities and resources have not only not been extremely over-bullish like broad stocks, they have only begun to show much life as a whole (while CRB index is at this moment bouncing but still trending down). Nor has ground zero for commodity/resource speculation, the TSX-V.

Recall that da ‘V’ has been slithering along long-term support [edit] NOT visible on this daily chart. It has bounced but does not look in the least excessive yet, even as it starts to make a move up off the moving averages. So, by this indication we are still solid in a pro-inflation trades stance from the perspective that there is no excess in the most speculative stuff. So if we are right to even allow for a rally in the inflation stuff, the rally ultimately should not end until this thing either spikes to excess or fails the moving averages.

With this and the previous update I am just trying to unearth as much viable info as possible for our decision making.