NFTRH+; Audio/Video Discussion of GDX Daily Chart Situation

Please let me know how this type of update works for you. It’s more me winging it than carefully choosing and writing words in a blog post. In other words, I may miss a point or two that would be included in a written post. But I do like the pointer, able to pinpoint what the words are talking about at any given moment.

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  1. Dyrl Schweitzer

    I like the format, short and to the point. A good update. The only problem is that I can’t click on the graph to make it bigger so my old eyes can see it better………………..Dyrl

    1. Gary

      Hi Dyrl, if you mouse over the video you should see a ‘full screen’ prompt at the lower right corner.

  2. John

    These are great – would love to see these on a regular basis. Thanks!

    1. Gary

      Will do John. I’ll do them when I have clear, brief points to make.

  3. Anonymous

    I like this format. Easier for me to follow along.

  4. Anonymous

    I like it; change of pace for an update.

  5. Betty Cinq-Mars

    Great report Thank you Gary

    1. Gary

      Thank you, folks. Along with a couple emails this is very helpful to me.

  6. Mike

    This is great ! Please make them more often, Thank You Gary.

    1. Gary

      Will do, Mike.

  7. David Page

    Gary like the approach and it does indeed fill in some details that are good to know. However we need to do something with the NE accent. lol.

    1. Gary

      Wise guy! BTW, that accent was born in South Boston, grew up in Waltham. :-)

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