NFTRH+; macro decision point status

Our existing theme is very generally for the inflation>disinflation>deflation scare progression to play out.

The potential theme that I galaxy-brained in NFTRH 756 is that gold could continue to under-perform silver and USD could break down significantly within its long-term bull market.

Thing1 would see a US/global liquidity problem and Thing 2, the opposite.

The signaling as of pre-market today sees the existing plan still in effect as the Gold/Silver ratio is up hard this morning.

gold/silver ratio

US dollar index (DXY) continues to slither along support, which is not impressive on this daily chart but which is definitely valid by longer-term charts.

Also of note, bond yields are pulling back as PPI is awaited after CPI was mildly lower than expectations yesterday. In other words, bonds and inflation data are still on the disinflation theme. Oh, and let’s not forget the very bearish Copper/Gold ratio.