Did you hear that Tech is the new haven?

A new promo is out, as if on cue: “Tech is the new haven”

Here is a clip from the Barrons article by way of my TradingView chart interface, where I spotted it today. Here is the original from Barrons.

It is blaring out a hyped up version of what NFTRH advised months ago, that the bear market rally would morph from the inflation stuff to the more Goldilocks – inflation not too hot or cold (yet) – stuff. By the way, the article does coincidentally list several stocks I’ve held, one I hold again and several I still have on casual watch. It at least has the wherewithal to weight Cloud security stocks like CRWD (added back yesterday) along with a couple others on watch. It does not list a competitor to PANW, which I like better and still hold.

Tech is the new haven

So what do we have here? We have the public being fed a line of bull calling Tech a “haven” (all I ever called it was a new leader in a bear market rally) months after it should have been called in Q4, as Semi (tech’s leader) bottomed and led. But given the bear market, no effing way should Tech be called a “haven”. At least they didn’t precede that with the word “safe”. Even the MSM does not have balls that size.

Here is the leadership chart we’ve operated to in NFTRH over these last months. As a side note, check out the leader’s cyclical leader, Semi. It may or may not be making an early signal the other way. But it does bear watching.

US stock market leadership, Tech is the new haven

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