A test of a new video feature I’ll add on occasion

Please pardon the blurry chart and the lack of anything more than a brief summary in the video. It’s just a test of my first attempt at creating a presentation for the website. Thanks to Jordan Roy Byrne for advising about how to get started. Speaking of JRB, he and I may do a Podcast together if he’s amenable to very casual (i.e. no newsletter-speak) style that is not exclusively focused on markets. We’ll see. Anyhoo, here’s the brief clip.

Pardon the blurry chart. I’ll figure out formatting as I go along.



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  1. Anonymous

    Yes, it works! Interesting to hear Gary now in live, after so many years read only mode :)

    1. Gary

      Well, I’ve been live at a few other venues over the years. But I don’t want to be curated by others. So now I’ll just be me. I’d do a Podcast by myself but that could be a recipe for boredom. So hopefully I’ll have another host and some guests if/when the thing ever gets going. For now though, I have charts with a voice. Can’t wait until I put the ‘Continuum’ up there and start talking about it.

  2. Doug

    It worked

  3. Mo

    Works! Good to hear you in person. Looking forward to you and JRB! Literally the only newsletters I’ve maintained subscriptions to after years of having done the rounds.

    1. Gary

      Thanks Mo. Hopefully I will not scare Jordan away with the off topic theme. I like markets, music and sports. I know Jordan and I talked about sports casually before one of the interviews he did with me. Also, I found out he is American. Always thought he was Canadian for some reason.

  4. Tom

    Say, Gary, got any more charts like ANET?

    1. Gary

      Thanks for reminding me about that one. Not typically my type (too sexy). But if this mess resolves to a rally continuation I just may add it.

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