From the latest Daily Shot; a lead balloon and a spy balloon

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Brent oil is a lead balloon as the copper price sails upward, and the Chinese spy balloon gets a look at a whole lot of middle America

I like to (but often forget to) keep an eye on the Daily Shot (reference’s ‘Links’ menu above) on occasion for its quick summaries of various things market, economy and world. Today there are two interesting bits.

We have been noting the leadership of Copper and some other industrial metals during the Q4-Q1 broad global relief rally. While both are cyclical and inflation sensitive commodities, it’s best never to think in absolutes as a robot would. Demand is variable, depending on the commodity and its uses (and speculation is variable, depending on the machines and their settings).

I found the Chinese spy balloon’s path to be pretty funny. China apparently just had to get itself a look at America’s bread basket and a whole lot of corn and cow dung. I mean jeez, they did not even spy the southwest’s missile silos (although maybe there are some up there in Idaho, Montana and/or Wyoming?) let alone New York City or Washington. Are the North Carolina pig farms really that strategic?

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  1. PaulP

    Talk about a storm in a teacup (re: Spy Balloon)
    Do the Chinese not have space based satellites that can provide them with intel on the Pig Farms or anything else they want?
    Do the Chinese not have Spys ‘on the ground’ that can report back to the mainland (i.e. ‘Humint’)
    Do the Chinese not have the ability to collect spy data via ‘Sigint’.
    Why did it take so long to shoot it down?
    Why was it allowed to traverse the whole country?
    Why was the whole world distracted for nearly one week?
    Fun & games!

    I wonder what the real agenda is w.r.t. this Balloon Business?

    1. Gary

      No clue. I just found the thing pretty hilarious.

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