Last ditch for the speculative inflation trades

The TSX Venture (TSX-V) index is in trouble

Have the drones on Twitter taken up their pitchforks and torches and marched upon their inflationist (gold bugs or otherwise) influencers yet? Seriously, inquiring minds who would like to take advantage of the developing situation want to know.

NFTRH has been noting the negative divergence to inflation by this most speculative of inflation trade destinations for all of 2022 and today da ‘V’ (daily) is at key support and looking not at all good.

How do we know that is important support? Because, this (weekly chart)…

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  1. Michael B

    Gary, when you’ve presented da ‘V’, you’ve always paired it with da TSX? What gives with da S&P replacement theory?

  2. Gary

    Not sure I follow, Michael. It’s just da nominal ‘V’, which I value as an indicator of its own, as well as in relation to da ‘T’. But for what it’s worth, TSX-V/TSX is in the crapper and in line with the failing inflation message.

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