NFTRH+; updating da ‘V’

In 2021 and especially 2022 the TSX Venture index (TSX-V) has been an ongoing negative divergence to the inflation trades, along with the bullish USD. Today, amid fading inflation signals it remains firmly in its intermediate and major daily chart downtrends. It is locked below the SMA 50 and has slipped support, as shown on the second chart.

tsx-v index

The weekly chart shows that the slip below long-term support (defined by the top of the 2020 crash pattern) did fill a gap, which is a good thing. Bad thing? There is another gap at 510.

tsx-v index

Just an FYI update on an index that would need to get its act together if there is a) going to be a post-tax loss seasonal rally in the more inflation sensitive stuff, and b) if that rally is going to include the more speculative commodity/resource stocks of the inflation trades.