As if on cue, Russia/Ukraine enters the equation

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Check out the graphic, which links to the article, which I have not read and am not going to read because I’ve read it all 1,000 times before. Got to love these concerned trader photos on scary days.

You do of course see the irony in the third headline. “Yields fall in a flight to safety” on the fear of the war drums. How convenient.

I am not implying that an act of war or a threat of one is staged to drop bond yields, but it sure is convenient. What’s the problem in bonds? Revulsion toward them due to inflation, driving up yields. A “flight to safety” into the same garbage the herds could not wait to run away from just, oh, I don’t know… 3 hours ago???

So one inflammatory headline at least temporarily reverses the bond decline and as an added bonus, shove’s ’em into gold and gold stocks too. I guess my gold miner adds this week (as I slowly creep toward the sector, given its risk/reward) were well timed. The problem is, acts of terror and war are never a reason to buy gold/gold stocks with anything other than a day trader’s mentality. So I am not too psyched about the miners, especially, as they jump with their primary cost driver, crude oil.

But why let reality get in the way of a good story and its associated knee jerking herds?

If you are feeling like this is one complicated market mess that is hard to get a handle on, you are not alone. But get a handle on it I shall, starting with tuning down inflammatory news items as I have written repeatedly here over the years.

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