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“Star stock picker” Cathy Wood of Ark Invest…

[edit] I do happen to agree about technology. Big time. But the issues of ‘monetary’ inflation/deflation and valuation come into play here. Last week I bottom fed a seriously good company that had a seriously out of whack valuation. Now it’s just garden variety over-valued. I have my eye on a few others in her portfolio. But the issue is timing, macro backdrop and valuation. When the hype is dead and the smoke clears, many of her companies will rise anew.

Look, I am no genius either. Some of my mistakes have been glaringly bone-headed. We are all bone heads sometimes. But the way the media gets a bit in its mouth and never lets go is just sublime.

I have a long list of stocks I keep an eye on. Stocks for inflation. Stocks for deflation. Stocks for Goldilocks. Stonks for whatever.

I was taking a look at the utterly bombed out 2020 story known as TDOC and while reviewing it came across Reuters blurb below. Did you know that “star stock picker Cathy Wood” is doubling down on deflation? And she’s doing it not by buying dollars, Treasury bonds or absolute defensives; she’s doing it by buying TDOC and its remote, stay-at-home friends. It’s hair brained I tell you. And it’s insulting to those of us who put actual thought into what we are doing and why we are doing it.

I am not saying TDOC is not a good bottom feed and/or trade from here. I am saying “silly mainstream media“; that is what I am saying. It’s similar to that ‘man who predicted 2008 crash now has another prediction’ crap that the MSfN will surely regurgitate again and again when those types of eyeballs need harvesting.

The picture of her at top just looks smart. She looks like she is way more intelligent than you or I. Look at that intellectual, confident glare into the camera. Regardless of what you think about inflation or deflation prospects, buying the stay at home stuff – which I did in 2020 – is soooo 2020. The next deflation scare is not going to be because…


…it’s going to be monetary.

Conveniently, Ms. Wood has recycled the pitch to “stay connected” stocks, as she apparently realizes ‘stay-at-home’ was so 2020. You’d have to laugh at this stuff, but some eyeballs must be buying it otherwise the media would not print it. Eh?

Anyway, this…

ark invest

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