NFTRH 690, out now

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The screenshot tells about #690’s intentions, and the report followed through on those intentions. It’s not a time for automatic thinking, it’s not a time for undue fear or emotion as the herd’s sentiment get reset. It is time for a contrary viewpoint and a calm reading of the markets.

I prefer to go by the market’s rules rather than my own preconceptions or opinions. Whatever this morphs into, it is way more interesting and going forward, maybe even more fun than that robo market rally supported by structurally over-bullish sentiment was.

It’s pretty cool when I think I’ve made more important points in a report that is half the standard length. Less work for you, more interesting mental work for me, and a more focused approach. We’ll have a lot more of that going forward with the macro in motion.

NFTRH 690, out now.

nftrh 690

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