NFTRH+; Uranium

There are several sub-sectors related to Energy, from battery metals/materials (nickel, lithium, etc.) to solar/wind,etc., to uranium. I don’t hold much in the way of traditional Energy (other than NOG, which itself is a unique play on oil and gas, per a 12.22.21 Trade Log entry), but you may recall from the previous update Energy is one of the sectors that is positively correlated with … Continue reading NFTRH+; Uranium

The Zombie Ship of Theseus

Keith Weiner with a stroll down monetary Memory Lane, to and through Bitcoin Leave it to Keith to get way outside the box when viewing money, (funny) munny, gold and Bitcoin. “The Ship of Theseus is an old philosophical thought experiment. It asks a question about identity. Suppose you replace all of the boards of a ship with new ones—is it still the same ship? … Continue reading The Zombie Ship of Theseus