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Because successful investment and/or risk management depend on knowing and adjusting to the macro backdrop I am planning to add a new feature to NFTRH this weekend. As the macro backdrop changes (whether on an interim basis or an extended one) back to anti-inflationary (just what I’d wanted to see) you don’t just hold what you hold come hell or high water because… bias, because… dogma, because… Peter Shiff (ha ha ha). At least I don’t.

So with the understanding that I am currently very high on cash but preparing to capitalize on what the market is grinding toward (long, short or both), I am going to add a table of current holdings (aside from the portfolio performance view included nearly every week) with a brief paragraph about WHY I hold each. What’s the investment rationale? That kind of thing.

I am starting to feel some good feelings about the market because it is in motion and people operating on auto pilot will not be rewarded. People honing reasonable plans in accordance with the macro as it is, not as media and lazy analysis would have you believe it is, will do okay.

I have had to sell some things that I’d have preferred not to sell, and I don’t by any means claim that I will be right every step of the way and certainly not make all the right individual moves. But I will be in tune and the equities I own will be in tune to the best of my ability. So I thought it would be a good idea to frequently update the reasons why regarding holdings, in order to make more sense to a reader and also invite contrary opinions or those in agreement.

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