NFTRH+; they say ‘buy low’

As you know I have stubbornly refused to abandon the Cannabis MSO (multi-state operator) play. Indeed, I am slowly positioning with the view that last year’s high fliers are getting sold down by this year’s tax loss sellers. They chased them higher then, and I am buying lower now. Planet 13 is a former holding that I added back this morning and technically it is … Continue reading NFTRH+; they say ‘buy low’

Silver would lead… and it is

Get ready for some lathered up Bugs… From NFTRH 677’s Precious Metals segment: Once again the micromanagement was done at last week, and so we can stay streamlined in this segment. The reminder is that the macro backdrop is not and has not been favorable for gold or gold stocks. A wild card would be if silver starts to out-perform gold and the sector … Continue reading Silver would lead… and it is