NFTRH+; Silver and Gold

I’ll start this brief update with a question. How damaging was that #silversqueeze promotion to inexperienced, gullible true believers, anyway? Silver’s daily chart has dropped out of the little bear flag noted in NFTRH 665 and is now at a lateral support area. After making a lower high to the #silversqueeze hype spike on February 1st it should avoid a lower low to the March … Continue reading NFTRH+; Silver and Gold

NFTRH+; USD & Gold/Silver ratio

An update of the 2 riders opposing a would-be renewed inflationary reflation trade. To review, the Gold/Silver ratio is an indicator of failing market liquidity when it rises and the USD is the receiver of bids seeking liquidity amid market stress. USD (DXY) is testing support and is a hair below the breakout point of the would-be bullish inverted H&S bottoming pattern (not shown in … Continue reading NFTRH+; USD & Gold/Silver ratio