Gary the Salesman

“Only one thing counts in this life. Get them to sign on the line which is dotted!”

Always be closing. Simple as A, B, C.

Long-time reader and eLetter recipient RG had some feedback after reading the most recent entry at the NFTRH subscriber testimonials page.

First, the feedback that he responded about:

“Great write up – thanks! You are the most thorough/systematic of all analysts I follow. Best macro thinker in the business, besides Armstrong. G*****t is a better sales man than you though:) in fact, he is a better salesman than analyst. But he is a grandmaster too…” 

RG this morning:

I’m a little surprised you ran with this testimonial.   I wouldn’t expect you to want to be compared to Armstrong.   (He did time, after all.)   Is the next guy, with the asterisked-out name, Jim Grant?   He’s a first-rate thinker, though I’ve never been inspired to pay actual money for his Interest Rate Observer.   He’s also starting to get a little scary-looking, with that bow tie and the obviously dyed hair.   

Here’s the testimonial I would write for you.   Remember, I’ve seen a couple of your letters that you sent out for free, and I’ve been reading your longer gratis pieces for years:    “Gary thinks like an Economics Nobel Prize Winner; he writes like a rock critic; and he protects your capital like Scrooge McDuck.”   

You can use that if you like.   It’s true and I’ll stand behind it.   And by the way, I studied under three Economics Nobel Prize winners at the University of Chicago, so I’ve had some experience with them.

Point A: I don’t care for Armstrong. I think he pretends to only listen to his impartial computer but somehow fills his narrative with political bias. No thanks. But I’m not sensitive enough not to have my name next to his. I could have clipped out half the quote or asterisked Armstrong too. But a subscriber sent his thoughts and I posted them. That’s all. And if you think that RG is some liberal who can’t stand Armstrong’s right wing views, he’s quite the opposite. A tried and true Conservative. The normal kind with a functioning brain. Not the kind all over the media today.

Point B: The other one, whose name I asterisked out is not Jim Grant. I obscured the name because there is some negativity associated with it in the quote at top. But boy do I agree that the guy is a salesman, like non-stop right there in every one of his market missives. I can’t stand the way the guy writes, to tell you the truth. I also don’t care for his TA. Finally, I once responded to one of his articles at SeekingApha and he responded rudely and like a know-it-all. Sniff sniff.

Thank you RG for this opportunity to make like a salesman. Now if I can just find the time to hang around chat rooms, forums, comments sections and all the other venues that good salesmen like Mr. Asterisk above do I’d really be on my way! :-)

But it’s really time consuming and exhausting. I’d rather fill my time doing work.

Speaking of exhausting, this post is in honor of Willy Loman, who started it all…


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