A Boring Stock Breaks Out of its Exciting Pattern

Reference the now public NFTRH+ post from March 29:

NFTRH+; A Boring Stock in an Exciting Pattern

I am having as much of a crappy day today as lots of other people. But it’s only one day (as opposed to a trend, so far) and some things are going well due to staying tuned to the market’s rotations within a (personally) annoying phase of chop and grind in the markets.

CVS daily is breaking out of the pattern.


CVS weekly is breaking out of a pattern of its own; a  long-term base.


And CVS monthly is therefore now theoretically targeting an all-time high at 102, per the original update linked above.


I hold two separate CVS positions.

Note: The way the machines have operated lately, I almost feel like they’ll scour the internet for posts like this and then reverse the whole damn thing tomorrow. That is how this market feels. Mean spirited.

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