A Magnetic Fields 3-fer

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I was messing around with GarageBand again, setting my canned drummer, adding bass and git fiddle and one of the guitar tracks had a weird ending, droning off into the ether. I’m like ‘Wow, where have heard that before? I know I’ve heard that before! What band was that?’

Turns out it was Magnetic Fields, a band from here in Boston. I never saw them live but had several CDs until I gave them to my daughter. The song was called The Trouble I’ve Been Looking For. That thing flying over the song is the thing that my riff reminded me of (why, I couldn’t have subconsciously ripped it off after all these years, could I have?) with its outro. BTW, the video ends @ 2:21 and has dead space at the end for some reason.

Here’s another nice song.

And a live look. The guy (Stephin Merritt) is just completely cool and unique.