A Band in the Age of COVID

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How do you have a band in the age of COVID-19? Well, in my case you don’t. The band actually went kaput on its own but this creep did not help where finding a new one is concerned.


So if you are me what you do is you buy a bass and sort of learn how to play it, add a guitar that I already sort of know how to play, figure out how to use a canned drummer and add him to the mix (actually begin the mix with him) and as a way to relieve stress while writing about the markets all weekend you plug it all into your computer and let a riff come out spontaneously.

My daughter told me it came out sounding like Arena Rock (not a compliment), which is really not my style. But it’s what came out when writing a riff on bass instead of guitar. Hmmm…

Here, torture yourself for 1:20. Next time I’ll have a real musician or group as usual. Ha ha ha.