Inflationary Yield Curve Steepener Continues Apace

As the yield curve steepens under inflationary pressure… Another day, another new high in the yield curve steepening, as everybody knows now that inflation is the play. But dialing out to a longer-term view we might at least consider that if volatility manifests in the yield curve the last time it happened at a level the curve is now approaching there was a not so … Continue reading Inflationary Yield Curve Steepener Continues Apace

Herd, Not Herd

The reflated raft of assets floats one way, gold the other It’s simple. Everything is herding in the northerly direction at the behest of the Fed’s anti-USD monetary policy as printed for the government’s fiscal policy. We all know this. This post is in no way calling bearish on stocks, copper or the massive host of other speculations screaming higher in line with the reflation. … Continue reading Herd, Not Herd