Puke Horse [w/ edit]

[edit] Never mind the snap back, which will probably come. I’m taking a loss on the minor bounce-back in AH due to a potentially busted story. Plenty of other opportunities out there for the cash. But this does serve to remind anyone reading that in the world of stock trading this is a genius-free zone. Gary the portfolio manager really bailed out Gary the trader by staying disciplined about component sizes within the portfolios. 

Aye aye aye, how to ruin a perfectly good day. I was actually looking at the total portfolios and thinking hmmm, things are bouncing back nicely after I did some rebalancing in alignment with the macro this morning. Even with this puke job, the overall is ending up just fine.

I show some of the rocket launched stocks going the other way and I am not mentally brittle enough not to show you when sometimes things go like this. Apparently this is the fallout of another company getting a big government contract that Workhorse shareholders must have been expecting to come their way.

Well, nothing I can do right now but hope for a snap back. Aye aye aye.