Previous NFTRH+ Copper Prospect Makes its Move

Just an FYI for anyone who may have taken interest per the original NFTRH+ update on January 26. TMQ is making its move to break the trend line (and the weirdly bullish pattern). The daily chart shows a trend line breakout on volume. RSI and MACD are positive and not overbought. The weekly chart shows the breakout finally coming after weeks of rising volume. RSI … Continue reading Previous NFTRH+ Copper Prospect Makes its Move

Oh Man, It’s Too Easy (Planet 13 Edition)

Planet 13 explodes after purchase The title’s statement is not made with any sort of bravado whatsoever. Quite the contrary. Per a Feb. 2nd Trade Log entry.. Bought back formerly held PLNHF, which has hopefully digested its latest financing on the consolidation to just below the SMA 50. I had taken a big profit previously, not liking what I viewed as chronic bought deal financing. But … Continue reading Oh Man, It’s Too Easy (Planet 13 Edition)


Checking Doctor Copper’s Status

“Copper is bullish” (Captain Obvious) From Kitco, copper inventories continue to drain down and that is price-bullish (also Captain Obvious). This morning the Copper price is ticking a new high in its cyclical bull market as the global macro hangs on to its ‘reflation ON’ status. The cyclical bull was indicated when copper took out 3.35. A big picture view view shows a viable resistance … Continue reading Checking Doctor Copper’s Status