NFTRH+; an Important View of HUI [w/ edit]

[edit] We have been noting that some higher profile gold stocks have worse charts than a lot of the smaller ones. This is being reflected in HUI’s pattern. Using KL as an example, I’ve noted that I will not hold it if it makes a lower low to the previous low. As another example, RGLD painted an ugly pattern with a ‘lower high to March’ … Continue reading NFTRH+; an Important View of HUI [w/ edit]

The Steepening Yield Curve

The yield curve steepening from August 2019 continues It’s just another yield curve post to be considered or ignored as you please. The steepener continues apace. The Goldilocks boom is long gone (RIP August 2019), replaced by an inflationary one. It’s a boom thus far, but this kind of boom should eventually bring on a serious liquidation if we do not pull a von Mises … Continue reading The Steepening Yield Curve

I’ll Own Eldorado Gold After All [w/ edit]

Eldorado Gold to Acquire QMX Gold [edit] With respect to the title, no I won’t. Profit booked upon further review. As one of my holdings, QMX Gold (QMX.CA), blasts off due to an acquisition by Eldorado Gold (EGO) I am both happy and sad. Happy because now I don’t have to consider buying EGO anymore, it’s already done. Happy because well, (paper) profit is good. … Continue reading I’ll Own Eldorado Gold After All [w/ edit]