Golden Pom Poms, Usual Result

Golden pom poms bring a reaction, as is often the case

A subscriber pinged me about the first one, a pure and unadulterated contrary indicator. But in viewing the gold websites there have been a cluster of others over the last few days.

Gold Market Update – set to soar as hyperinflation looms…

Gold Mauls the Dollar and Silver Stocks Soar

Gold to $2300 and Silver to $35 by Year End – 2021, the Year the Barometer Explodes?

The ‘Great Reset’ is About Expanding Government Power and Suppressing Liberty [good old Doctor Ron, running parallel to the case for gold with the ‘great reset’ * theme]

Money Printing, Inflation Drives Gold and Silver Higher This Year

Black Swans, Ordinary Swans and Metals

Precious Metals Resuming Bull Market [yes, since mid-2019]

To be sure there were also measured sounding headlines and even one guy who is always bearish, rightly so this week.

* Personally, when I see anyone use that term I run as far in the opposite direction as possible, analytically. It’s a scary term that perma-wrongs have been using for years. 

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