RGR Shoots Upward; Thanks For the Missed Buy Opportunity, Trump [w/ edits]

[edit] Based on an infuriated email I just got calling me whiny and pathetic I guess it’s too early to try having a sense of humor about this or go back to my normal way of writing about stocks, even if they have a Trump angle to them. Try lightening up a bit. Have a banana, and call me whatever you want. I don’t actually blame Trump for the missed opportunity. It was an excuse for a post about a stock I had on watch and just noticed today that it had gotten away due to epic and sad events that happened yesterday.

[edit 2] There are moments when your faith in people is restored. After a sincere apology by the emailer I responded thusly: And ****, I do apologize for my insensitivity. I know full well there are people hurting about the Trump thing. Trump supporters. I can have a wise ass edge to me, esp. if I am not double checking myself. You are a fine man. I can tell.” He is a subscriber, and so this is doubly important. 

I had just put RGR on watch due to this chart pattern…


…and then Trump unleashed a bunch of low lives upon the nation’s Capitol and Ruger, not to mention Smith & Wesson, was gone. You’re supposed to buy your guns when no one is in hysterics like I did 15+ years ago, not after the climax has come and gone.

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