MSM With Your 2021 Stock Picks!

Buy these massively over-valued stocks for great success in 2021!

MarketWatch has an article telling you about lesser known Tech stocks that will shine in 2021, according to a fund manager.

Why these lesser-known tech stocks are ready to shine in 2021, says this money manager

Let the suspense build for a moment…

Okay, here they are!







If you don’t own them you have already missed them. Gee, thanks for the swell tip, MSM. READY to shine? Ha ha ha.

As for the view that some think valuations are being stretched, he says that is one more reason to look at secular growth stories— which is when an industry shifts and there is new demand. “They lead you to these category killers and smaller companies that are gaining market share and have a lot of room to grow over the next few years,” said Loukas.

Dude, some don’t view the valuations as stretched. These massively growing companies are even more massively valued.

ZS is a former long of mine. As are related stocks ZM, RNG, SMAR and WORK. Current holdings are DOCU, CRM and DDOG. This was a 2020 play. Specifically, this was a ‘coming out of the crash of 2020’ play.

This reminds me of when the same MSM source highlighted some bestest and brightest fund manager, who had uncovered an undervalued sector, Semi Equipment, with nuggets like LRCX and AMAT for investors to suck on going into 2018. We noted that the article appeared just in time to have the sheep go into a cyclical sector at the top of its cycle, and that is exactly what happened. Cycle down, baby.

In currently holding DOCU, CRM and DDOG I am playing the valuation bubble game as long as the market’s speculative forces are in play. Great companies. Great growth. Massive valuations. But please don’t insult readers with soft served quotes like “some think valuations are being stretched”. We get that this is a disruptive area. But you sir, are a pimp.

I talked to a buddy of mine, who uses a stock pick service. He mentioned all the hot names; Zoom, Okta, blah blah blah. Everybody. Knows. About. Cloud/SaaS/Remote Tools. How about uncovering something that actually has big potential from this point.

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