Shoe’s on the Other Foot w/ These Two Stocks

BEAT and ICAD are finally on the bull

First, as subscribers know I got beaten like a red headed step child by BEAT repeatedly this year due to my fascination with its fundamental business as it repeatedly beat quarterly expectations. I took several limited losses. But limited or not, it was annoying seeing a stock not do what I just knew it should do, not to mention having to display that to subscribers every week in NFTRH.

Finally, I caught the buy on this remote patient monitoring play at the right point and 36% later still hold remaining shares after partial profit taking. The pattern is finally doing what I thought it should do.


Another Healthcare related company is ICAD. This idea is courtesy of a little due diligence-doing birdie in my ear (hat tip> Joe) and after several false starts and limited losses (and maybe a small profit or two) this week it is breaking consolidation as this would-be perma-loser is +26% in a blink of an eye. This racket is a game of patience sometimes. And believe you me I’ve let my share of eventual winners go before they won.


While the gold stock sector finishes up its ritualistic march to ignominy, hopefully stirring the angst of every last bug on the planet (insert here little puke-face emoji), there have been areas aplenty in which to trade and invest (get a load of the resources patch, esp. Lithium, REE, Agri & Uranium). I’ve also been inching further into Healthcare areas like medical devices and biotech.

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