Thoughts From an Outgoing Subscriber

Q: When is a market service writer/analyst happy when a customer leaves?

A1: When said subscriber asks me to operate as something I am not, like a trading coach, a stock picker without a care about the macro, a dogmatic ideologue in support of a given view, or someone who gives a damn about what the other guy thinks. Especially if said other guy uses emotion to rile people up or TA to baffle them with bullshit.

A2 (much preferable): When said subscriber has been with the service long enough to have benefited from it, but then decides it’s time to strike out on their own without someone always in-ear making noise that effects what that person now feels ready to do on their own.

It’s how I did it actually. I learned from various people from 1998 to 2004, when I finally decided to go it on my own because I felt I had the tools. In 2008 as the crash was just starting I decided ‘it’s now or never, man’ with respect to starting NFTRH. Anyone can launch into a calm market. But Armageddon ’08 seemed like a perfect environment in which to birth the service.

Anyway, I realize many subscribers are busy people in their own right and in their own vocations, and need a reliable and ongoing source of market analysis. So here I am! But some over the years have left (a few even starting their own professional services), telling me things much like what I heard from ‘DG’ yesterday. It tells me I am doing my job the way I want to do it.

Dear Gary,

I believe that my annual NFTRH subscription is shortly up for renewal (my last payment was made on 16th December 2019).

Having given it some thought I have decided not to renew for this following year. Being able to follow your analysis over the last few years has been a great learning experience and your calls throughout 2019 & 2020 have been impressive. I have also appreciated your consistency, scepticism and humor. My 2021 plan is to put more emphasis and responsibility on myself to do the heavy lifting analysis and to spend more time thinking & modelling market relationships following your guide – in essence taking more accountability of my portfolio.

Before stopping the service I would like to see the year out with NFTRH. Is it possible to pay for one additional month (I assume 16 Dec-16 Jan)? I also plan to recommend NFTRH to a friend who I think would benefit. Hopefully that will result in a new annual sub customer for you.

Best regards,


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