Pot Stocks on Fire… Man

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Pot stocks like APHA, CGC, TLRY and MJ, the Alt. Harvest ETF are up big the last few days. These are big bounces within still questionable chart situations.

But I hold two US based dispensaries, PLNHF, which I’ve had for quite a while now and added TCNNF two days ago. I think they are both solid businesses with good plans. These charts are much different than the Canadian stocks.

As noted in NFTRH, I was prepared to hold PLNHF all the way to the SMA 200 where it meets strong lateral support (where I would have increased the position), but instead it broke consolidation, turned back up and took out the SMA 50. I added TCNNF just as it was inching out of the wedge. Today it’s joining PLNHF above the SMA 50.

If these consolidation breakouts hold up the implication is new highs… man.

plnhf & tcnnf

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