Almost Too Obvious Bear Flags on HUI and Many Gold Stocks

Well, NFTRH 623 ground out its analysis about a grinding market, including the bear flags that were flying in the gold miners last weekend. They seemed almost too obvious per the Mining Stock segment’s title…

Gold & Silver Stocks (almost too obvious bear flag edition)

But bear flags they were, even if it took inflammatory news out of Trump’s Twitter orifice to kick them into gear. Until HUI would have authoritatively taken out short-term resistance as noted on this chart, the bear flag theme, and my DUST hedges, remained intact. As a side note, these are short-term patterns that in and of themselves do not need to cause great damage. The efficacy is usually a day or three.


Here is a web version of the free eLetter sent out on Sunday. You can sign up above at right if you’d like. It’s less detailed than NFTRH services and way less frequent, but it has been known to be helpful. ;-)

Gold stocks flying bear flags

It includes a more detailed HUI daily chart than the above. Check it out.

As long as a couple really important sector indicators (reserving those for NFTRH) remain intact then this looks like an opportunity to buy at logical support areas.

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